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ABS 200 Week 5 DQ 1 Self-Efficacy NEW
Self-Efficacy. Read the “Self-Efficacy and Work-Related Performance” (Judge, et al, 2007) and “Self-e=Efficacy” (Bandura, 1997) articles, view The happy secret to better work video, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance prior to completing this discussion. Include the following in your post:
Think about someone you know and with whose job and work you are familiar (please do not share the person’s real name).
Identify the job and describe the duties this individual performs. Provide enough information so your professor can understand what is done in this role.
Examine the role of self-efficacy in relation to this person and his/her position. Specifically, explore the role of self-efficacy in the individual’s motivation and workplace behavior.
Identify some of the current trends that are effective in developing greater self-efficacy. Discuss what can be done to increase this person’s self-efficacy