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AB 213 Unit 5 Assignment nutritional food preparation or healthy cooking NEW

New menu and procedures for your diner
The chain of restaurants that owns the F & B Restaurant in the interview has sold off this restaurant to an independent entrepreneur–you! You realize that it is time to redo this menu because it seems
quite dated and does not address the needs and preferences of the community it services. There are several high profile businesses that have moved into the neighborhood as well as several new upscale housing developments.
However, since you are a small operation compared to a large convention center, you do not have a production manager and you must divide up the jobs and responsibilities for quality and safety/sanitation at your restaurant.
You have redecorated the restaurant to be an upscale type diner. Based on having 30 booths that can accommodate 4–6 people, and one prep cook and a chef, a dishwasher, a bus person, and 3–5 servers (4–5 servers and 2 bus persons on weekends) address the following:
Search the Internet for an article or information on “nutritional food preparation”, or “healthy cooking”.
Discuss the importance of incorporating nutritional goals into the restaurant menu as well as considering costs and marketing needs as you heard about in the interview.
Provide a healthy dinner menu that will appeal to your clientele and indicate how these items are prepared (see Exhibit 5.9)
If you want to serve wine and beer, what laws/regulations would you need to be aware of and your
staff trained to address?
Respond in a minimum of 2–3 pages in an APA formatted paper and submit it to the Dropbox. Make sure your document includes:
  •Your Name
  •Course Name & Section Number
  •Unit Number
  •APA Citations and References