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AC 554 Unit 5 Homework Assignment NEW

Exercise 2
Many companies offer their employees the ability to connect to the network from home computers.  Because companies don’t have control over the home user’s machine, they can be exposed to viruses from these machines.  What steps—technical and procedural—do you think are necessary in protecting the company network from insecurities of home computers?
Exercise 3
            To ensure security of a system and to apply patches as required, an inventory of the existing environment is required.  After all, you can’t have total security when you do not know what to secure.  Meet with your organization’s information technology staff to understand their process to inventory their environment.  Do they have a process? Does it work? What enhancement would you recommend?
Exercise 3
Review various applications that you use on your computers and on the Internet.  Classify them by the ones that require authentication and the ones that do not.  For the ones that do, analyze their method of authentication.  For example, are they using cookies, are they using pass-through authentication, and if so, are they relying on client operating system?
Exercise 4
Review the programming practices adopted within your organization or an organization of your choice.  What security best practices do they adopt in ensuring application security?  What controls do they implement to protect against attacks like SQL injection and buffer overflow?